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Physical Educators

Motivated to share why pe is the most important class...Period!


Change Makers

Playing is serious business. That's why our professionals strive for engagement and new methods. 


Forward Thinkers

Innovation isn't just a buzz word in technology, it is prevalent in education as a whole. Mind, Body, & Pedagogy.

Dropping Knowledge (daily)

Kids and Sitting? Nah!

The New York Times explains why sitting isn't just bad for kids but can be counterproductive. 

Be Productive...Stand UP

If you want research, here it is. Texas A&M did it for you. Boost your productive by as much as 46%

I love TOP 10 Lists

If you need a reason to be active or a 10 for that matter...indulge! 


Can't remember why you should run? That's okay, Harvard has you covered.

Prepare to lace them up.

What in the B.D.N.F?

Darn it! Researchers and the NYT did it again. They did their due diligence and smacked us in the face with information again. THANKS.

Go Ahead and Judge me

Highlighting this gem of a book and for good reason. Dr. John Ratey explains why exercise is the most important drug for your brain. Hint: it's like Miracle Grow! 

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